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Lawn Grasses

A long lived narrow bladed perennial grass that spreads by both seed and underground stems called rhizomes which produce a thick sod. Very palatable as a pasture grass, but low growth type and the tendency to go dormant during heat and drought of summer make it better suited as a lawn and turf grass.
Quick germinating perennial grass that combines very well with Kentucky Bluegrass in lawn mixtures due to its similarity in blade width, color and texture. Working as a nurse crop to Bluegrass, Fine Leaved Rye provides a fast growth that holds and shades the ground so the slower germinating Kentucky Bluegrass can get started.
A very resilient drought tolerant lawn grass. A little broader leaved than Bluegrass, but a dark green and more adaptable to light soil, low water, shade and traffic. Will look a little rougher than a Bluegrass lawn, but becoming more and more used as a low maintenance durable alternative to fine leaved lawn grasses.
A very fine stemmed and shade tolerant turf grass. Creeping Red is used primarily in mixes with Fine Leaved Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass to fill into those areas that will receive a minimal amount of sunlight.